• Group & Plan
  • Blockchain Based Document Vault
  • Language Translator Chat System
  • Coin Wallet
  • Guide and Earn
  • Blog and Earn
  • Chat Based Smart Contracts
  • Fiat Currency Exchange
  • Smart Itinerary Planing
  • Store/Restaurants/Hotel Listings
  • Hotel/Transport Bookings

About The Project

To bridge the communication and cultural gap around the world and provide travellers with a blockchain based automated assistance through which travellers can meet, plan, do bookings, earn while they travel, exchange fiat currency with negligible fees and keep on improving to add value to travellers. Improve contract and transaction efficiency of bookings and realize the market oriented travel industry potential.

  • Group & Plan

    Using the app, travellers can add friends, locals or fellow travellers in the area. To facilitate this the app is designed to show travellers who share the similar plan on the user screen. Users can then create groups of users and plan their trips.

  • Blockchain Based Document Vault

    The document vault is a decentralised storage where all important document required during your travel can be stored. Some of the salient features of the vault include
    -The storage uses blockchain technology which is decentralised and highly available.
    - The storage is highly secure as only authorised parties can access the vault.

  • Language Translator Chat System

    The app provides multiple language support to overcome the culture and language barriers that are faced by travellers. Travellers can chat in their own language and not worry about the communication gap caused by different languages. For security and privacy purposes, END-TO-END ENCRYPTION is provided to all the chats.

  • Coin Wallet

    A decentralised multi crypto asset storage system will be provided by the app that can store all major coins.

  • Guide and Earn

    Travellers can help other travellers explore the travel sites and earn MTR tokens for their services . This will help travellers to earn while they travel. This could attract bag packers and student travellers who travel on meagre budget. The Users can then rate their guide for the services provided which will other travellers.

  • Blog and Earn

    Travelers can write blogs on the app, and earn MTR Tokens depending on the likes they get for their blog. This will help build a ecosystem that will provide authentic and useful tips/reviews to the travellers.

  • Chat Based Smart Contracts

    Imagine how easy would it be if you can agree on the terms with other travellers or agents on a chat. The app plans to provide a simplified chat based smart contract, which will also include sending payments via chat.

  • Fiat Currency Exchange

    MTR Tokens can be exchanged with any of the fiat currencies. For this we plan to tie up with exchange agents in different countries. This will provide travellers with hassle free currency exchange service. The travellers would need to only have MTR Tokens in their wallet.

  • Smart Itinerary Planing

    Itinerary planning is a tedious and time consuming task. We plan to provide an Itinerary Planning bot that will help simplify the task. The bot requires the traveller to simply provide the list of desired destinations and their travel period. The bot would then provide the traveller with a daily time based itinerary taking into consideration the best time and route to travel to those destinations.

  • Store/Restaurants/Hotel Listings

    The app would list all the famous stores, restaurants and hotels at the trip destination. This listing will help travellers choose the restaurant/hotels and can also rate them.

  • Hotel/Transport Bookings

    Booking your stay and transport is always expensive when you need to pay in different currency than the currency of your card. With MTR tokens users can book any hotel or transport listed on the app and never worry about exchange rates and extra fees levied by credit card companies.

ICO Phases ICO Distribution
60,000,000 Tokens

ERC 20 Tokens

? Pre Sale 10,000,000 Tokens
0.26$ ICO 1ST LOT 2,500,000 Tokens
0.31$ ICO 2nd LOT 5,000,000 Tokens
0.38$ ICO 3rd LOT 7 ,500,000 Tokens
0.46$ ICO 4th LOT 15,000,000 Tokens
0.62$ ICO 5th LOT 20,000,000 Tokens

Token Distribution


    Contributions accepted in BTC and ETH


    Only 100,000,000 tokens will be created
    - No dilution, locked supply
    - 80% diluted to public.
    - 15% to mitrav team.
    - 5% to rewards and bonuses.
    - ERC 20 tokens based on smart contract.


    To buy/sell fiat currencies. To do bookings. Earn bonuses and rewards. MTR Tokens exchangable on secondary markets and exchanges.

Use of Proceed

Mitrav is aiming to raise USD 25,000,000 to reform the existing travel industry. The structure of proceeds utilization is designed to ensure the platform's profitability with operational risk. Mitrav is commited to implement its strategy in best interest of MTR token holders.

ICO Countdown Unpurchased tokens at the end of ICO
will be given to Mitrav Foundation


5th Sep
Count Down Begins

10th Sep

10th Oct
ICO Starts

25th Nov
ICO Ends

  • Participants

  • Total Investment

  • Accepted Currencies

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  • What are MTR Token

    The Mitrav token is a peer-topeer, quantity committed, secure, private and robust digital medium of exchange for travelers.

  • How to invest

    Purchase of Tokens will be available on https://mitrav.co in the Crowdfunding Dashboard. During the ICO you will be able to purchase Mitrav Tokens (MTR) using multiple payment methods: BTC & ETH.

  • How do I register an account

    Account registration will be available once the ICO officially begins.

  • When will MTR tokens be listed on exchanges and which ones?

    MTR will be available on secondary market after the ICO ends. Follow our further announcements to learn more about it.

  • What is a token pre-sale and what is it for?

    Mitrav is conducting a preliminary sale of its tokens for existing investors. Each investor will be granted access to an exclusive offer to convert its investment into MTR token at an additional discount.